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Facebook unveils a new feature on Facebook Messenger

For a long time, social networking sites, chatting applications, and instant messaging have faced many accusations of promoting false news and misleading rumors, which is what made the companies developing these platforms carry out some reforms in the direction of fighting this dangerous phenomenon.
Facebook’s chatting and instant messaging application WhatsApp had launched a new feature a while ago related to fighting the spread of rumors and misleading news on its platform, and in this regard, it seems that Facebook Messenger is following the same approach, it announced yesterday a feature similar to the WhatsApp feature to reduce The severity of this matter.
Facebook Messenger indicated that users will only be able to send a message to a limited number at a time and receive the order with only five accounts on the friend list. The new feature, as we indicated, aims to reduce the spread of false news and rumors, especially in this circumstance that witnesses The spread of the Coronavirus, but also since this year is an election year for the United States of America, and it seems that Facebook wants to avoid the great criticism that was directed at it in 2016 on the sidelines of the presidential elections that year.

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